Now available: the first two parts of Carl Kyler’s novel “The Way to Freedom”!

The Way to Freedom, written by Carl Kyler, is a four part adventurel novel series about how financial crisis shake modern civilization. It is the story of a professor in economics and a group of his students, who set out to rebuild their lives after the subprime crisis, and end up changing the world in the process.

Part 1, “Golden Crisis”, and Part 2, “Money’s Creative Destruction”, are now available for sale!



Do not wait to discover how the world economy, and above all the dignity and well-being of humanity, could be saved from current trends! Read The Way to Freedom!

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Biography of Carl Kyler – the author of “The Way to Freedom”

Carl Kyler is an author of Swedish origin. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics and a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business administration, both from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Carl Kyler also graduated from the Swedish Army School of language, “Tolkskolan”.  He currently lives in France where he works as an experienced management consultant within business strategy and business transformation, specializing in information technology.

Beyond his main activity in management consulting, Carl Kyler is a keen observer of human nature, human civilization and in particular of the highly complex web of relations often referred to as “the global economy” or, more briefly, “the market”. 

When, as Kyler, you accept to trust your own observation of facts more than the say-so of millions of people, it becomes possible to ask fundamental questions and to come up with surprising and fresh answers and ideas. Such is the spirit of Kyler’s novel series “The way to Freedom”: it challenges the relevancy of the current international monetary system, based on central banking and government-controlled paper money currencies. It also challenges the underlying political system currently dominating the Western world, which can be summarized as “unlimited democracy where anything goes, and where nothing is protected from abuse by ‘the will of the majority’.”

Kyler’s novels show how that political system underpins that monetary system. And above all, it shows what can happen when these two systems through repeated economic crises come into such serious trouble that their very existence is threatened, and when they may need to be replaced by something totally different….

To know more about this novel series, which is also and above all a story about human courage, vision and heroism, look at the following Web site:

The publishing house behind The Way to Freedom is Golden Vision Media LLC:

The Way to Freedom novels involve a social network called Free-men-real-money. It’s real-world counterpart remains a modest embryon of what it could become:

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